Edited by Victoria Hume, the Transplant book is a collection of essays which explore different perspectives on transplantation, the Transplant project, and the wider issues it raises. The book includes a 34-minute video work on DVD, which can be viewed here. For information on obtaining a copy, contact arts@rbht.nhs.uk.

A first look reveals content that is almost snap-the-book-shut disturbing, but persevere and you are rewarded with a beautiful human story. The transplant ward is revealed as a unique and compelling environment, with alien sights and sounds and heightened emotions countered by meditative routine and endless waiting.
— Grafik Magazine
In various ways, heart and lung transplants blur the easy distinctions between life and death, between being alive and not. The transplant unit at Harefield is a place where all these issues cross, where dying and living has a different and more elastic meaning than in the world outside.
— Charles Darwent

Tim Wainwright & John Wynne
Victoria Hume, editor

David Toop, author of Ocean of Sound and Haunted Weather
Charles Darwent, art critic and writer
Lesley Sharp, medical researcher and author of Strange Harvest
Marcia Farquhar, artist
Tom Rice, anthropologist
Claire Hallas, psychologist
Kate Dalziel, heart transplant recipient
Angus Carlyle, researcher at CRiSAP, University of the Arts, London
Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub, cardiothoracic surgeon

Royal Brompton & Harefield Arts, 2008
Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio
Hardback, 80 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9560180-0-7