20 MARCH, 2006

While still engaged in the lengthy process of health questionnaires, blood tests, equipment checks, contracts, committee approval, criminal records checks, etc, we were introduced to the concept of “universal precautions” and “barrier nursing”. Nearly all inpatients at the Harefield have some degree of immune system deficiency, whether it is artificially supressed to reduce the risk of rejection of a new organ or due to a hospital-borne infection or simply due to their general ill-health.

Paradoxically, just as we are getting closer to the patients, we learn how to keep our distance.

Here I have compressed the theory and practice components of our hygeine induction: a few particular soundmarks caught my attention, so I wanted to draw them out, in effect pausing time for a moment to allow the listener to hear the inside the environment while still taking in the words. I think you will find that you will hear things quite differently if you have the time to listen twice. The effect is also reminiscent of the way the mind wanders, even when listening to important information.